Iboya Packaging Co., Ltd. is a enterprise that is made up to company and factory. For company, we offer sincere and friendly service and high-qualified products. For factory, we adopt the advanced equipment and strictly control and inspect the production. Now, we lead you to enter our factory to learn more information about us.

I.S. Machine

Quality is the key to Product. Our company used the entirely imported bottle equipment to ensure the stable quality of large quantities of product and meet the requirements of automatic filling of modern enterprise.

Automatic Pallet Machine

It can reduce manual operations to ensure that products are prevented from secondary pollution.

Automatic Pallet Machine

To ensure product quality and packaging and to avoid the risk of breaking bottles.

Automatic Shrink Machine

The new demand of modern products is high-volume automatic shrink. Our company adopting automatic Shrink packaging is to ensure that the product can not be polluted and products safety

Automatic Dispenser

Automatic dispenser meets the new needs of the modern food enterprises.Our company can seal the cartons according to customer specifications and be up to product packaging standard.

Automatic Rolling Equipment

Automatic rolling equipment can detect the strength of the product line to ensure that food companies do not produce broken bottles, which affects food safety in the high-speed filling process.

Comprehensive Testing Equipment

Comprehensive inspection machine can detect the finish line crack, crack thread, bottle flatness and so on.

Materials Testing Equipment

The high requirement of raw materials ensure product quality and strict control standard, all raw materials quality inspection of our company ensures each batch of product quality and consistency.

Height Detector

For different varieties, it is ready to measure the height of the product in the tolerance range.

Mouth Flatness Detector

Detecting bottle mouth is smooth and ensures the close coordination with the cap and air tightness.

Verticality Detector

Detect verticality of glass at times if it is in the tolerance range, to meet the product in automatic filling production line continuity.


Good mold is an important guarantee of product quality, regardless of surface finish, size require.

Packaging Workshop

Clean workshop is the guarantee of product quality. Neat and clean warehouse can ensure that products are prevented from secondary pollution and up to the requirement of food packaging.