Why Should You Choose Our Deep Lug Jar For Storage

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Due to the characteristics of glass containers, they are an ideal option for storing and preserving food. It is a hygienic, reusable container that does not interfere with the flavor of the food that we store in it.

Also, if you use glass for this purpose, you will be turning your back on plastic, which is more harmful to the environment, is not biodegradable and can generate toxicity. Let's talk about the reasons you should choose deep lug jars for storing your items.

Why should you choose our Deep Lug jar for Storage

Just as its use to store food is an added value if we compare it with plastic, glass has many uses with which to give a special and quality touch to our home.

For instance, opting for glass countertops for our kitchens or mounting glass panels in our bathrooms, furniture and tables. Choosing deep lug jars always has advantages.

1. Design

It is one of the unique characteristics of glass food containers: its design. Glass is much more elegant than plastic and has greater durability. There are many types of glass containers of different sizes and shapes.

They can be of different colors and have a large number of closure forms such as the classic cap, lid or metal.

2. Versatility

It is a product that offers great versatility as it accepts hot and cold, antiseptic, pasteurized or sterilized products. In addition, it is ideal for storing natural products for long periods of time. It is, as we have said before, a reusable product. It has practically unlimited applications. Unlike plastic, it can be used in the microwave or oven with no problem, and it also accepts use in the freezer.

Deep Lug jar

3. Environment friendly

Our deep lug jars are made of a 100% recyclable material, which makes it the perfect option to have its characteristics to be used as a food container. In addition to being able to recycle it, it can be reused very easily.

Opting for glass means avoiding having to buy more items or storage containers, encourages recycling and allows for fewer toxic emissions by reducing the use of plastic.

4. Consumption

Another of the main characteristics of glass food containers is that it is an inert material that does not transfer flavor to the food or beverages it stores. It does not lose quality when reused and it is a much more efficient product.

As we can see, betting on glass as a container for our food is the safest option , which has the most benefits for people and that most respects the environment.

Unique features of our deep lug jars

i. It does not maintain any chemical interaction with its content

ii. You can store any product for its entire shelf life

iii. It does not allow the transfer of oxygen or carbon dioxide

iv. It does not alter the color or flavor of the contents of the container

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The glass container is inert, hygienic, does not interfere with the flavor of food and beverages, and guarantees the original quality of its content.

Well, it is a neutral material in relation to the product it packages. Kindly click here to buy yours.