Why is sesame oil stored in glass bottles?

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Sesame oil is a condiment in life, and it is used in many home kitchens. There are many different condiments in life, and they are all packed in containers of different materials. For example, pepper is generally used in small round-mouth glass bottles, oyster sauce bottles are small-mouth glass bottles. From the design point of view, the design of the pepper bottle is more reasonable, but the design of the oyster sauce bottle is somewhat abnormal. The bottle with the best design in the condiment is regarded as the bottle of sesame oil.


sesame oil

Then why should the sesame oil be packed in glass bottles? Here are three characteristics of the glass bottles:


Point 1: The bottle containing the sesame oil is made of glass. The advantage of this point is that it is conducive to the storage of grease, because if it is stored in plastic packaging, it is easy to produce plasticizer, which is very easy to dissolve with grease. Bottles made of glass are more conducive to the storage of sesame oil.


Point 2: The bottom of the sesame oil bottle is relatively thick. We can see this design in many condiment bottles. This design style is mainly to protect the bottle from any damage. Generally speaking, sesame oil is used. Bottles need to have a thicker texture, because the bottles are placed in a three-dimensional shape with a thicker flat bottom that can effectively reduce the collision force.


Point 3: The mouth of the sesame oil bottle adopts a precise design, so that the amount can be controlled very well. This point can be compared with oyster sauce, which is a perfect contrast. When we cook with our friends, we will not be careful to control the amount. This is not the case in the amount of sesame oil used, because the mouth of the sesame oil is designed with a whale mouth type, which can be very good Control the amount of sesame oil.


The above three points simply explain the three reasons why sesame oil should be packed in glass bottles. We can wash the sesame oil bottle after eating and use it to fill oyster sauce or other condiments, which can be more convenient in the cooking process.


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