Why are fruits mostly stored in glass jars?

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Nowadays, many people like to eat a kind of snack-canned fruit. The fresh fruit color and creamy taste make people's appetite double. Especially for women and children, it is irresistible to describe the temptation of sweet canned fruit to them.


Glass jars are heavy, fragile, and costly.

In countries where the consumption of canned food is relatively large, such as the United States, most of the canned foods on the market are in metal cans. Canned food is a daily consumer product of ordinary people, and people have a higher acceptance of this kind of food.


In China, there are only a handful of well-known canned foods, and canned foods are less acceptable to the public. Canned fruits entered the Chinese market only in the early stage of reform and opening up. The glass packaging effectively demonstrated its bright colors and attracted Reached a sufficient audience. It is often seen in Chinese supermarkets in Chicago. Various fruits and condensed milk seasonings are packaged in glass jars.


Glass jars are expensive, and only good-looking foods will be packaged in glass when they need to attract customers. But meat, chicken noodle soup, pasta and other canned foods sell poorly after being treated at high temperature for a long time. Relatively cheap metal cans are just the best choice!


Reusability of glass jars

There is no way to reclose metal cans after opening them. Although they can be sealed with plastic wrap, they are far less convenient than glass jars.


Not all foods are eligible for this re-use treatment. Almost all low-acid canned foods are ready to eat when opened and cannot be stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator.

 glass jars

So how to store fruit in glass jars?

1. First, you must thoroughly clean the jar to the bottom.


2. After that, you must use a soft cloth to properly dry these cans from the inside and outside.


3. Now, you must let them open for 5 to 10 minutes.


4. Take peanuts and other dried fruits and put them in these jars. Close the lid. Now you can put them on the kitchen or dining table.


For juicy fruits, you can easily cut the fruit and add it to the fruit, just close the lid. You can put various fruits in these jars, such as apples, oranges, watermelons, lemons, etc.