Why amber glass dropper is great for nutrition and medicinal purposes

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Most people don't think about it too much, but for some reason, amber glass is made of a certain color and a certain material.


If you consider all the dark glass bottles encountered in your life-beer bottles, cosmetic bottles, jars and essential oil bottles. You will realize that most of them have amber color.


It is safe to say that amber glass bottles are in high demand in many industries. Therefore, if your business is to provide the manufacturer with the basic glass packaging of the product, then the amber glass bottle should be at the top of the supply list.


As mentioned above, there is a reason for the manufacture of amber bottles. The main reason is that if everything is put in a transparent bottle, our liquids, oils and serums will not last long.

 amber glass bottle

Many industries, including the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, rely heavily on amber glass bottles, but the list does not stop there. Other industries include:



Beer and liquor

CBD and cannabis packaging

Essential oil


How is amber glass made?

Amber glass has some unique properties, making it the first choice for product packaging. Basic glassware and bottles are made of sand in a liquefied form, heated and poured into certain shapes, while amber glass is different.


Amber glass is actually a mixture of sand, limestone and soda ash. All these elements are heated to very high temperatures.


When the mixture is completely melted and melted, other materials are added to the mixture to give the glass different properties and color depths.


The elements of iron, sulfur and carbon are usually added to the mixture to give the glass a nice dark color. The reason for coloring is to protect the internal products.


From there, machines and workers are used to shape freshly made liquid glass into the form of bottles, jars or cups. Once the glass cools, it will begin to harden into the specified shape.


How an amber bottle is good for the product

Protect photosensitive products

One of the main advantages of using amber glass is that it provides the best protection against ultraviolet, blue and other wavelengths of light in the 450 nanometer range. Ultraviolet rays cause so-called photooxidation.


Photooxidation has the ability to decompose and change the chemical composition of the product, thereby reducing its shelf life by half or making it completely useless. In some cases, photooxidation can actually cause the ingredients in certain products to become toxic, which can cause adverse health reactions when used.


The high protection provided by amber glass against different wavelengths of light can extend the shelf life of the stored products. This is what keeps beer fresh, essential oils effective and makes cosmetics and skin care products run at 100% efficiency.

 amber glass bottle

It is recyclable and can be reused

Most glass is recyclable, but when it comes to color, the rules can get a little tricky. Technically speaking, amber glass can be 100% recycled, but it can only be decomposed and reshaped into new amber glass bottles, jars, etc.


The amber bottle can also be washed and reused many times. Unlike plastics, they are strong and durable, and it takes years to completely decompose. Not to mention, glass is not as porous as plastic, so it is absolutely safe to reuse.


The best for your customers

Amber glass is the best product packaging you can stock for your customers. It is eye-catching, non-toxic, versatile, recyclable, affordable, and provides the highest level of protection from light and chemicals.


We provide amber glass bottles in various shapes and sizes to meet all your packaging needs. Therefore, if you are in the wholesale amber glass market, please contact us and our team will help you set it up immediately.