What We Can Do with Mason Jar?

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A mason jar is a molded glass bottle used in home canning to preserve food. The mason jar cap was invented and patented in the year 1858, it was named after John Landis Manson, the man who discovered it. The Mason jar is ideal for fresh preservation of whole fruits and vegetables like peaches and green beans. The use however goes beyond preservation of food, it can be used to give your food a creative décor as well in giving of gifts. Thus, below are 13 unexpected uses of this unique glass bottle.

mason jar cap

1. Mini pie tins

The Mason jar is interestingly used to keep your mini pie fresh and safe for over a long period of time. Additionally, instead of producing cupcakes, one can make mini pies with the rings of this glass bottle.

2. Storage of food

Although refrigeration and freezing are desirable means for food storage, the storage container also must be of good quality. The use of a well-designed glass bottle also goes a long way to extending the shelf life of foods; a silver color mason jar cap just fits in.

3. Making of candles

Thinking of a romantic and unusual way of lighting your home during one of the special nights, a candle made in or with a Mason jar will just do the trick.

4. Use as water bottle

The Mason jar is a desirable glass bottle for use as water bottle and in recent times, their use in restaurants have become rampant.

5. Pre-made portion mixes

In some crafts such as baking, the importance of having in storage some mixtures or ingredients ready for use cannot be overemphasized. Hence, the Mason jars are just perfect to help you keep different ingredients for your cookies, biscuits, etc. in storage till they are needed.

6. Keeping of leftover

The Mason jar is perfectly convenient for the storage of some food leftover. Its wide mouth makes the transfer of food convenient.

7. Mini Bank

Are you tired of poor savings, you can start keeping your monies in perforated or full lid Mason jar to serve as your piggy bank.

8. Storage of herbs and spices

The use of a glass bottle as the Mason jar, do not only keep your herbs and spices fresh, it also aids in identifying them appropriately.

9. Stationery store

If you need the perfect storage for your stationeries, the Mason jar can be of help and the easy labeling just makes it perfect.

10. Portable haberdashery store

The Mason jar is just so much convenient for storing your needles, razors, scissors, buttons, zips, etc. and as it is a glass bottle, it is even easier to see through and find what you need.

11. Flower vase

As simple as it sounds, not everybody has a vase, hence using a white color mason jar cap as a makeshift is not a bad idea to ensure your flowers keep blossoming.

12. Soap dispenser

A soap dispenser for your home or restaurant just got easier; all you need is drill the lid of the glass bottle, get a dispenser pump with tube and some adhesive.

13. Baking

The Mason jar has been designed to withstand some temperature limits, hence can be used to bake cakes and bread etc.