What Is a Glass Dropper, and How Does It Work?

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Glass droppers are also known as calibrated pipet is a fluid measuring and discharge tool. A dropper also allows for precise distribution of fluids.

They have a truncated tip on one endpoint and a bulb on the other endpoint.

The calibration markers inscribed on the tube allow you to measure the contents within accurately.

For instance, the glass dropper may contain calibration marks ranging between 0.05 ml to 1.05 ml with 0.15 ml intervals.

These droppers are predominantly used in a variety of lab and clinical procedures. It can also be used domestically to dispense eye or ear ointment, perfumes, or die pigments.

What Material is Glass Droppers Made From?

A glass dropper's tube is manufactured from either glass or plastic material. The very first droppers were actually made from glass.

However, due to their brittleness, plastic droppers were developed since glass tends to break easily.  

Plastic droppers can be used in a variety of ways, since it resists many inorganic acid and alkaline attacks.

On the other hand, they are incompatible with chemical reagents like acetone. These compounds have the ability to degrade plastic polymers.

The glass dropper's bulb is generally manufactured from rubber. Recently, they now contain substantial amounts of polymers such as polyethylene (PPE).

PPE is a long-lasting material that prevents cracking. It's a material with an excellent melting point and it is unaffected by chemical reactions.

Glass Dropper

What is the Process of Using a Glass Dropper?

Glass droppers operate by providing a little space or void just over the piece of plastic tubes they're attached to.

The liquid content is drawn in and dispensed by lowering the void.

Gently squeeze the bulb and place the truncated tip of the glass dropper into the container to draw in the fluid. Do keep your fingers away from the tip to prevent contamination.

Afterwards, the fluid can now be dispensed by pressing down on the bulb.

Types of Glass Droppers

Currently there are two most common types of droppers which are

· Volumetric droppers

· Calibrated droppers

Volumetric Droppers 

Droppers that measure volumetrically delivers a predetermined quantity of fluid and are incredibly accurate with high precision.

Nearly all volumetric Droppers have thin necks, making it simpler to view the meniscus.

Should you want to evaluate a distinct volume of fluid, you must, therefore, switch droppers and select one with the proper calibration.

Calibrated droppers

This type of droppers makes working with various fluid volumes relatively simple.

Furthermore, there is a higher degree of liberty and alternatives since you can you place the meniscus at zero and distribute fluid until the required volume is reached.

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