What can you do with glass bottle in your life?

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Glass bottles are without a doubt a very common household item that we most use in a regular basis. And why not? They are used in various applications such as storing water, juices, drinks, and beverages in general, condiments, sauces, baby food alcohol and even cosmetics. But besides their ordinary household uses, you can also use a glass bottle in the following ways:

● As a decorating object filled with tiny light bulbs.

 This is dead-on easy as all you have to do is to take an empty and corkless large glass bottle and add some mini, battery-operated light bulbs for a festive and party vibe inside or outside your home.

● As a hummingbird feeder.

Yes, you can make your own upside down hummingbird feeder using clear glass bottle, filling it with liquid nectar, placing a bought feeder tube insight, and hanging it upside down, using a 3 or 4 gauge metallic wire.

● As an oil or vinegar dispenser.

There are fancy glass dispensers for oil and vinegar in stores but you can make your own at a fraction of a cost by taking an old glass bottle with cork and fill it with oil or vinegar then top it with a cork or topper dispenser.  You can also do the same with dishwashing soap.

● As an insect repellent.

The easiest and most natural way to repel pesky mosquitoes and flies buzzing around your kitchen or outside, is to take a few empty bottles and a tissue for each, then spray the tissues with citronella spray or dip in citronella essential oil and insert half of the tissue into each bottle, with the other half hanging outwards. And if you wish to make things more aesthetically pleasing, in place of the tissues you can add tall citronella candles that can fit into the mouth of the bottle.


● As rolling pin.

 A very uncommon use but pretty useful regardless is using a large wine glass bottle as rolling pin. This works best if you place your dough between two wax paper sheets and roll it over these with the glass bottle.


● As a single flower vase.

Since many vases are made of glass but are usually too big to fit just one or two flowers, you can use an empty wine bottle to fit them. This works with flowers that have sturdier stalks but not too thick in width such as carnations, lilies, and roses. You can also make these even more interesting by painting them in a color of choice or adding some glitter, especially if you have a party coming up.

● As a candle holder.

 The prettiest and most elegant candle holders are usually made of glass. If you want to make your own DIY candle holder, you can simply take a glass cutter, cut the bottle of your choice to a length of approx. 3-5 inches and add fitting candles insight.


There are virtually all kinds of glass bottles for sale nowadays both online and offline so if you wish to go a step further and do your own business with glass bottle projects, you will need plenty of glass bottles to work with!