What are PET Beverage Bottles?

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Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is a chemical compound used in the making of many types of plastic bottles. It is very cogent to note that PET beverage bottles are not the same as the lookalike BPA (bishenol-A). PET and BPA are often mistaken by consumers because they can both be used to manufacture bottles. However, PET and BPA are as different as orange and lion.

When you check on the bottom of many plastic drinks bottles you will likely see a recycle symbol and a number engraved in the middle. A number one indicator of PET beverage bottles is this number. PET bottles have been deemed to be safe for common use as well as recycling purposes. PET is not harmful, it is safe for food or beverages, and is environmentally safe for recycling and it is also save to be reused by consumers.

PET belongs to the group of long chain polyester and can be molded into several different design and sizes. It is highly durable and reliable. The material in which PET bottles are made from also make them very light weighted. Many bottling firms have completely changed to PET beverage bottles over glass because of the light weight and different design options that PET offers them. Many PET bottles are used for several purposes including beverages, food items, cosmetics, medicines, cleaners, automotive goods, for preserving food and other purposes.

Suppliers of PET bottles can help you to decide on which particular PET bottles you will need for your business. You can easily find unique designs or sizes for your products. Due to the versatility of PET bottles they are so commonly used by packaging companies and pharmaceutical companies. Daily, millions of consumers rely on the use of PET plastic bottles to help preserve the quality and freshness of what we drink and serve our families. There are many different types of plastics bottles that can be used for this purpose but none will offer safety and purity like the PET bottles.

Some major features of the PET bottles you need to know

Highly durable and sturdy: The durability of the PET bottles makes it very secure and can spend several years without spilling it content. The sturdy nature of PET bottles allows them to be able to withstand high pressure both from within and outside.

Can be used molded into many designs: PET bottles do come in different shape and sizes and this is because they can be molded into many different forms. This nature of PET gives it a clear edge of many other plastic bottles.

Can be recycled easily: Recycling of PET bottle is very easy and does not cause any harm to the environment unlike other types of bottles that are toxic to the environment. PET bottles can also be reused several times after first purchase – this feature will definitely save you from buy new bottles every time.

PET has become the material of choice for bottled beverages because it is lightweight and shatter resistant, and PET has been extensively tested for safety. Bottles made with PET are widely used for everything from water and fruit juice to soft drinks and even beer. You can get PET bottles easily in your local stores.