Use Creativity to Decorate the Empty Glass Jars

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We can see empty glass jars everywhere in our daily life.Some of them are wasted ones,and some are new ones.From the first glance,it seems that all the empty glass bottles are ordinary,but when it meets with our creativity,plain empty manson glass jars will become quite different and charming.

Some masters use pottery to decorate empty manson jars,to make a small fairy tale town.

decorative Manson jars.jpg

Some life-like people prefer to put candles into small victorian square jars ,when the light is turned off in room,romance feeling will spontaneously rise up.

Manson jars with candle.jpg

Some artistic persons try to brush the empty glass jars with colorful dye,then put branches of flower into it,thus a splendid lanscape is come up into the world.

Manson jars with flower.jpg

Don't let your creativity escape quitely day by day.Look for some empty glass bottles to use your creativity!