Things To Consider Before Choosing A Spice Jar

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Are you a cook? Are you creative with food recipes? If your answer is yes, then you will most likely be surrounded by a lot of spices.

This means, most often than not, you have a lot of recipes flocking around you. Your cooking environment needs to be organized and tidy.

Therefore, these spices should be stored in a vessel with their names on it for easy identification.

Just a click and you could have an all-in-one spices jar that perfectly fits into your kitchen and meet their purposes.

For example, a spices jar will preserve the quality and taste of your spices while it also helps you arrange your kitchen utensils in the way you want them and free up spaces that other containers will naturally occupy.

What you need to know before purchasing your spice jar

1. Types of spices jar

Spices themselves determine their containers. Some can only be stored in a certain jar which may be an airtight jar or one that is completely not transparent. For example, there are:

a. Glass spices jar – made of glass, it is one of the best ways of keeping your spices moist and air since it is not porous.

b. Metallic spice jars – Made of metal. it prevents spices from light especially sunlight, moisture, and air.

c. Spices shakers – suitable mostly, for powdered spices.

d. Miniature spice jars – compartmentalized spice jars that can contain all your spices in a single spice jar.

e. Reusable plastic jars – a plastic bottle used for packing your spices.

2. Space

Let available space in your kitchen be the guide when you want to buy a spices jar.

For example, buying a spices jar that comes with a rack box or an easy-to-store spices jar will be an added advantage and helps you to maximize your kitchen space.

spices jar

3. Purpose

This cannot be overemphasized. There must be a reason why you want a spices jar, the purpose, and how the container will adapt to its usefulness.

For example, coriander, garlic, and rosemary spices, you probably do not require a large container, a small spices jar will do.

But for tea, coffee, and jams, you required a bigger spices jar to store them.

4. Material

As earlier explained, a spices jar could be made from metals, plastic, or glass. Glass jars are one of the finest solutions for spices storage.

It prevents contamination of the spices through air or moisture and it is also transparent.

However, if you are looking for a container that prevents light you could adopt a metal material spice jar or keep your glass spice jar in a dark cupboard.

5. Capacity

Spice jars are usually calibrated in ounce, and it ranges from 2-ounce jars to more than 10 ounces jars.

So, purchase your spices jar according to your specification or demand. Your spice jar must have enough space for all your spices.

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