Things kept in mind while buying Mason Jar

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Are you new to home canning? Then you will soon find out how fun it can be. There are some tips and tricks which should keep in mind before buying glass jars.

If you invest in the good quality glass jars then they can be reused season after season with just a little care in use and handling. Nonetheless, you will have to add new lids to your set each year.

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Tips before Buying Mason Jar

Here is some information you need to know before buying mason jars.

From where to buy Mason Jars?

Most supermarkets, including hardware, grocery stores, and department stores, offer canning supplies. Most of them do not keep large numbers of glass containers on hand in the winter, but during the summer and early fall, they should have a good supply available.

Over the past few years, Canning has gradually gained popularity, and many factories and shops are facing shortages. So try to choose wisely from where you want to purchase your required mason jars.

Which Size of Mason Jar should be bought?

With wide and regular mouths, jars for home processing come in a large range of shapes and sizes, from cute four-ounce jelly jars to large half-gallon sizes.

Half-pint and pint are the most common sizes. A pint is two cups or 16 ounces equivalent. When estimating batches and the number of jars needed, memorizing these conversions and measurements can be very useful to the home canner.

New sizes such as the 4-ounce, half-gallon, and gallon are also available. These can be useful for some products, but they are generally not very cost-effective as many of them are not manufactured by the manufacturers.

Select styles that are appropriate for your kitchen. Select containers that are inexpensive, practical, and well-made if you want to store your products like spices.

Lids of Jars

Two-piece, threaded, self-sealing lids are the top ones to use, according to the recommendations for regular and wide-mouthed Mason-style jars. Lids with a plain or decorative motif are also available.

Although traditional metal lids can be used over and over again, they are only for one time use. You can't recycle them completely once they've been used.

There's another option, Tattler canning lids that can be reused. These are simple to use and have some important advantages over the type of metal.

Some lids are made of hard plastic and they use a rubber gasket to seal. With time, though, the rubber gaskets can wear out, you will usually get 20 to 30 uses out of them.

How many you will need?

In addition to estimating the total volume, it is also useful to calculate how many of that form you will need. Keep in mind that if the food is meant to be eaten throughout the summer, for a whole year, or just as an occasional treat or gift, it will make a difference. This will help you in buying the proper amount of mason jars.

The mouth of Mason Jars

Mason jars come in normal, wide mouth as well. Normal and standard mouth jars at the opening weigh 2 3/8 "whereas wide-mouth lids measure 3" making it easier to fill or empty them.

In the long run, the standard form is the better deal as it costs less to remove their lids and seals, while big mouths can be easier to pack when it comes to larger food items such as chunks of fruit or pickles of dill.