The history of the Boston round bottle

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People are eager to talk about the invention of fire and wheels, which is the greatest achievement of mankind. However, there is another achievement with a long history and a revolutionary impact on our way of life: the humble glass bottle.


Now, bottles are so common that it is hard to imagine that they do not exist. Our research on the history of the Boston round bottle begins with the birth of the bottle.


When you start to think about everyday items at home and in the workplace, you will find that you don’t know anything about their history. The objects we take for granted do not exist forever, but every product makes our lives easier.


If you are interested in the history of glass bottles and Boston round bottles, please read on to learn what we found.


The history of glass bottles

In the beginning, our ancestors used animal skins and gourds to make water containers.


The first known invention of the glass bottle was in ancient Egypt 3000 years ago. The Egyptians first made basic glass bottles. They created a paste made of natural silica and coated it in molten glass.


Glass itself was invented 2000 years ago. It was not until the 1st century BC that glass blowing technology appeared, and the material was used in many applications.


Because glass bottles are durable and useful, the number of glass bottles made has continued to increase as the century passed. In the late 19th century, automatic blowing technology enabled the mass production of glass bottles.



When was the Boston round bottle invented?

Boston round bottles are very common, especially in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.


When glass bottles became easier to manufacture in the 19th and 20th centuries, production soared. They are particularly popular in the pharmaceutical industry because the glass is airtight and prevents the entry (or entry) of odors. The dark glass on the surface of the bottle is also beneficial because it prevents ultraviolet rays from degrading the photosensitive drug inside.


The Boston round bottle has a narrow neck and may be designed to store liquids on solids. This narrow diameter will help prevent any evaporation around the original cork, while solids (such as tablets) will not be affected.


Where did the Boston round bottle get its name?

When glass bottle manufacturing is booming in the pharmaceutical industry, the shape is usually used to describe the bottle. Bottles containing beverages, especially carbonated beverages, are usually round. This is because round bottles have more inherent strength than any other shaped bottles.


It may be that the name of the Boston round bottle is purely "round" in the shape descriptor.


So why are they named "Boston"?

Strangely, they are also called Winchester bottles, especially in the UK. They were named Winchester Quarter bottles, and they were common at least when the second part of the Journal of Medicine was published in 1860. The magazine said: "...Winchester quart bottles, every drug man has in his storage room..."


It was named Winchester, not for a British city, but a measure called "Winchester" at the time.


There is no indication why Winchester quart bottles are also called "Boston round" bottles, but they are common bottles in the early 20th century, produced by many glass manufacturers.


What is the Boston round bottle made of?

The traditional Boston round bottle is made of glass, usually brown glass. This is most likely to protect its content from light.


Although the bottle has different shapes, it has never been outdated. Today, it can be made of glass or plastic. Glass is durable, easy to sterilize, and 100% recyclable, making it an ideal material for storing a variety of medicinal compounds.


Plastic has the advantages of light weight and high strength. The Boston Round also has a threaded neck for the nut. These have become common since 1930 and have replaced corks and glass stoppers as the most useful sealing method.


The Boston round bottle is as popular as always

Boston round bottles are so popular that all of us have examples of them in our homes.


From oils and drugs to marijuana and creams, everything will be involved, and we don't see the Boston Round falling out of favor.


If you are looking for Boston Round bottles, please contact our trusted glass bottle manufacturer. When you start using the new Boston Round bottle, you will know that you will use some history.