Teach you how to clean glass dropper correctly

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Although the glass dropper seldom comes into contact with external dirt, it will turn yellow after using it for a long time. Many leading cosmetic brands use glass dropper bottles on their products because of its premium appearance. These bottles and droppers are reusable, so most consumers will wash and use them to store different types of skin oils and ointments.


So how to clean the glass dropper and glass bottle that have been used once to facilitate the next use.


To clean the glass dropper, first rinse it with tap water and drain it, then soak it overnight with potassium dichromate lotion, take it out and rinse it with tap water, and finally rinse it with distilled water 3 times. For straws with a small diameter, you must pay attention to the cleaning and washing of the inner wall of the straw.

 glass dropper

Then dry it, place the cleaned dropper in a cabinet lined with clean gauze, or on a special rack, and let it drain naturally. This method is suitable for utensils that are not urgently used or cannot be baked at high temperature, such as measuring cylinders, measuring cups, and volumetric flasks.


Although it seems easy to clean the glass dropper, it is not recommended to reuse it for storing cosmetics. This is usually because contaminated products may be harmful to your skin.


The price of the glass dropper is not very high and can be easily purchased from Iboya. Therefore, if you also want to store cosmetics in these glass dropper bottles, then we recommend that you buy new ones.