Spice Jar that will make your Storage Time Longer

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Dried spices can preserve their color, flavor, and texture for up to three years if stored correctly. Nothing is worse than having a whole variety of spices, nuts, stems, and herbs that lack their flavor, color, and signature aromatic scent.

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In this post, we're going to talk about what options need to be kept in mind to store spices for a longer period of time. We're going to teach you how to reliably and affordably store spices over the long term by using several spice jar sets.

Best Options for storing Spices for a Long Time

Following are some tips to make your storage time longer with spice jar:

Glass Jars

The atmosphere is perhaps the most harmful of all the elements that will affect the quality of your spices. You're going to want to stop using those containers which make your spices contact with the surrounding air. Glass is a good choice because it's not porous, so your spices will be kept safe as long as the lid fits tightly. Air produces moisture, which can cause damage to some powdered spices. Wind can also cause spices to lose their quality as a result of evaporation loss of volatile oils.

Try to select a glass spice jar with an airtight seal for long-term spice.

Glass jars’ drawback is that they do not provide light coverage. On the other hand, opaque containers have the advantage of making the spices easy to see and recognize. When you can't see which spices are in them, you can forget which spice is the jar. Also try to keep them in a quiet, cool place to further prolong life.

Reused Plastic Bottles

Try to reuse plastic bottles in which spices are often packaged as they can keep bulk spices for long period without doing any damage.

Self-sealing Storage Bags

Ziplock plastic bags can avoid exposure of your spices to moisture and can be kept in a dark environment to hide them from light. So in order to protect them from direct light, you can simply place these bags in a paper bag. In this way, spices can be stored for long time period.

Some More Tips

Here are some more tips on how you can store spices for long.

You should never place spices near your oven. Temperature changes and weakens the taste of spices.

Spices should be stored in your kitchen's warm, clean, dark area, as in the cupboard.

Red spices (including red pepper, paprika, and chili powder) should always be kept in the refrigerator, especially in hot and humid climates.

Also, seeds such as poppy and sesame should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent rancidity of the oils.

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