Some Characteristics of Each Type of Beverage Bottle Material

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When it comes to storing beverages, various types of bottles such as glass, plastic, and metal containers are most often used. Why? You may ask.

Well, the reason is that there are certain criteria and factors that must be considered in choosing a beverage bottle to use for your beverage. In doing so, properties such as refillability, shelf-life, transparency, weight, recyclability, resistance to changes in temperature and even frangibility are some top ranking factors that must be considered when choosing a beverage bottle.

So, in this article, we want to walk you through some top properties of the most commonly used beverage bottles; plastic, metal, and glass. But before then, always ensure that you are working with a reputable manufacturer of beverage bottles before splashing your money on just any type of packaging material you may need for your products.


Glass beverage bottle

Glass remains one of the most sought after beverage bottle material. In comparison, glass weightier that plastic and metal, but it is mostly preferred due to its premium perception and the preservation of the shelf life of beverages.

When refillability is the goal, glass beverage bottle always seems to be the favorite choice, and it has a high level of recyclability due to its ability to withstand high temperature during washing as well as multiple cycles of reuse.

In addition to this, glass beverage bottles are also transparent, and are usually impervious to O2, and this helps it to sustain the shelf life of beverages in them.

Finally, glass bottles are also easy to customize and the cool feel they give, is also an area that makes many brand use them for packaging beverages for their consumers.

 beverage bottle

Plastic beverage bottle

Just like a glass container, plastic beverage bottles can easily be shaped, and when considering products such as pressurized products like most soft drinks, plastic bottles serves best for this purpose since such a high pressure won’t distort the shape of the bottle.

Also very outstanding about plastic bottles is the fact that they are also transparent, refillable, have little risk of get broken if dropped and they are generally light weight. Well, although technologies needed to recycle plastic materials are still evolving, so many of them have in the past years have been able to be recycled into various plastic materials.


Metal beverage bottles

Metal beverage bottles also have their unique properties, which makes them very appropriate for the storage and packaging of various beverages.

In terms of security, weight, and the ability to be recycled, metal beverage bottles are the best in this regard. Just like glass, metal offer a high resistance to O2 penetration, and they help to keep out light for products that do not need light.

Also, when considering the sustenance of a cold temperature on a product packaged using metal bottles, they seem to be the best for this purpose compared to plastic and glass.


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