Size Specification of Deep Lug Jars

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Are you in need of containers to use for various needs at home, office, school or the garden? Such needs as for storing beverages such as milk, chocolates etc. or for  keeping small and delicate items you do not want to misplace, such as buttons, needles, pins, or even crayons and pencils. Then you may have to consider deep lug jars.

We are a leading professional manufacturer of glass bottles and jars with 12 production line and having more than 20 years of experience in the field. We have developed into a glass bottle and jar design, production, marketing, processing and technical services company for any and all industrial companies around the globe.

No matter what kind of glass bottle, you can find them at our website. Aside glass bottle for milk, glass jars for sauce in food packing industry, all kinds of glass bottles used in cosmetics industry are also sold with high quality and reasonable price.

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What Sizes of Deep Lug Jars are available?

A variety of sizes of deep lug jars are available for purchase on our website. Deep Lug jars range in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can use them in all sorts of ways around the home and garden. The following are the sizes with their descriptions.

1. 190 ml Deep Lug Glass Jam Jar with Lid Coconut oil jar

190 mL Deep Lug Glass Jam Jar with Lid Coconut oil jar is ideal for storing of chocolates, sweets and sugar cubes. It has a volume of 190 ml, and has a lid that guarantees that whatever is kept is preserved.

2. 12oz/360ml Deep Lug Glass Jam Jar with Lid Coconut oil jar

This product is designed according to best practices and has passed all the tests for glass jars such as Cold and Hot Test, Thermal Shock Test, etc. the results of these test proofed that the 12oz/360ml deep lug glass jam jar with Lid Coconut oil jar is very strong. It also passed the hardness and the flat mouth test. One amazing thing about our products is that if needed, free samples can be sent to you to test before you place the order. Now is that not amazing?  

3. 8oz/250ml Deep Lug Glass Jam Jar with Lid Coconut oil jar

The 8oz/250ml deep lug glass jam jar with Lid Coconut oil jar is similar to the previous ones except in the sizes. It is the biggest in the series and can contain more than the others can. However, the production, quality and strength of all the products are the same.

What if I have a specification?

We are capable of handling all your specification needs, ranging from printing labels or printing on the bottles using various printing methods such as silkscreen, hot stamping, frost, color sprayer and label sticker etc.

We can also produce according to your specified design, size etc according to your preference. We are experienced to handle all your deep lug jars needs, having been in the business for well over twenty (20) years.

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Can you make delivery on time?

We are known by our promptness in delivery and that is why we have made a name for our brand for being the most reliable deep lug jars producer and supplier. For products that we already have in stock, we can arrange your order within 5-7 days after we have received your payment. 

But for mass production, it may take us about 35 days or sometimes longer, depending on the quantity and if surface handling is required. And one more thing, we can replace on your next order if a product is damaged. This is because we are committed to your satisfaction.

Partner with us as a reliable deep lug jar supplier

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