Similar Sauces,Different Sauce Bottles

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Have you ever got to the embarrassing moment when mistaken sugar for salt in all dishes?If yes,here comes the chance to help you get rid of this embarrassing trouble.Use different,manufactured by your own flavor sauce bottles to contain those similar seasoners,such as salt,sugar,soy,vinegar and so on.


Actually,we did not want to see ticky-tacky glass jars in the supermarket,almost of them are printed with manufacturer’s logo,unreal picture.When we bought them home,put together in the kitchen,then will be mixed.So we hope there will be sauce bottles manufacturer providing different clear glass sauce bottles and glass mason jars,people buy them home,they can simply paint the glass sauce bottles by their own wills.For example,as for the sauce bottle for salt,we can print on it some quite salty dishes,as for vinegar,choose to paint a tart fruit,which can easily remind you the features of vinegar.


Fortunately,there has been some glass bottle manufacturer exporting different sauce bottles vary from 5oz glass sauce bottles to 12oz sauce bottles,like Iboya Glass Packing.,ltd.So if you want to give consumers good shopping experience,please import clear glass sauce bottles without hesitation!