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Glass bottles are known as good materials considering the environment. These glass diary containers make up one of the most recyclable materials you can think of in present use. Of course, there’s a good taste that comes with it.

Now, we’d be looking at some reasons why it preferred to choose the glass bottle when you’re buying milk.

Let’s ride!

Milk Bottles Contain Farm Fresh Milk

Before milk gets processed into its final product, did you know that it travels a great deal of distance? This is in contrary to the glass bottles which can be sourced from the local farms and easily taken from the cow teat straight onto your table. It could take as little as just a day to get this processed. The shelf life is greater influence and improved with this quick turnaround time. Unlike the milk in other packaging, milk in glass bottles are almost as fresh as when they were originally obtained. The fresh enzymes are retained due to the less processing that it undergoes. Milk in bottles are healthier as it is easy to digest. Again, those who normally show lactose intolerance can actually drink milk in glass bottles without any issues.


Milk Bottles Stay Colder

Have you noticed that when you leave milk in a glass bottle it tends to stay cold longer than when you keep in other forms of containers? This goes along with a better taste as the milk stays cold. Everyone wants to enjoy a cool seep. No doubt, it’s great for your health. If you want to join in this great taste from milk, then have it contained in a glass bottle for a while.


Milk Bottles Are Eco Friendly

No doubt, glass bottles make great materials when it comes to the environment. In fact, it is one of the most recyclable materials in current use today which means that there is less pollution with the material when compared to other counterparts using as containers for liquid products. There is no loss in purity and quality of milk when introduced into new jars or glass bottles. There will be less demand for raw materials for the production of glass if there is more recycled glass.


Milk Bottles Make Milk Tastes Better

There is no additional scent or taste glass bottles transfer to the milk just like it is when plastics or paper is used in the canning process. If you truly want to get that delicious taste of milk, then you need this liquid in a glass bottle. The kids are more likely to drink the milk if it is tastier. Of course, it’s a win-win situation for both parents and kids in the family.

Today, it is highly recommended that the glass bottles be used in the packaging of milk for family and friends. About 85% of Europeans agree to this. What are you waiting for?

My candid advice would be for you to choose glass as you can also recycle it. Enjoy.


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