Plain Glass Bottles Make Your New Year's Eve Decor Great

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New Year's Eve is on the way! Are you going to make a decoration for it? As an ordinary person passionate with different glass bottles,I 'd like to share with you the glass bottle DIY story,which will bring you a unforgettable New Year's Eve.

Here's what you need:

– 4 empty glass bottles (Martinelli bottles work great for this)

– 4 large numbers for the new calendar year (wooden, chipboard, metal whatever you can find)

– gold spray paint

– course gold glitter

– matte mod podge

– gold curling ribbon

– low temp hot glue gun

Rinse and dry out the empty bottles. Spray paint the empty glass bottles gold on an open, empty cardboard box and in an open area with good ventilation. I always spray paint outside. Once sprayed, you can bring them into your garage or inside to dry if it's too cold outside.

Next paint the numbers gold with either gold spray paint or craft paint. Once dry, brush with matte modpodge and cover them with the course gold glitter. I like to do this over sheets of parchment on a cookie sheet as to not waste any excess glitter. Any extra glitter can be dumped back into the glitter container to be used again. Brush off any excess glitter off from the numbers.

DIY spray painted glass wine bottles.jpg

Using hot glue, adhere the numbers to the bottle. Add the gold curling ribbon to the top, and you are all finished! Now you're ready to celebrate the New Year with your cute new decoration!