Packing of Glass Roller Ball Bottles for Cosmetic Use

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Glass roller ball bottle is a special kind of bottle.Currently the glass roll on bottles are mainly applied in a large number of cosmetic packaging market. Unlike other cosmetic plastic bottles which can be produced by general bottle manufacturer, glass roll on bottles,especially for essential oil, because of some special structure, they must be produced by professional glass bottle manufacturer.

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For the glass roller ball bottles, the quality of the roll ball is crucial, the ball will directly contact with human body parts such as the eye ring. If the quality of the ball is unqualified, it will be  harmful to the human body. Therefore, to strengthen the supervision of roll ball quality is a must. At the same time, the use of the roll ball is very frequent, how to ensure the ball's normal use in the long-term repeated use is also very important.

Compared to other ordinary glass bottles, the profits of roll on ball glass bottles tend to be relatively high. Glass bottle with roll ball is a niche market which is more difficult to subdivide, the market is easily to be occupied by one or two manufacturers who have mastered the technical advantages in short-term.

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