Ordinary glass jar Unusual decoration in daily life

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The manufacture of first glass bottles is dated back to 1500 BC. The original glass suppliers came from Syria who shaped glass by blowing into a metal pipe. The Romans became interested in the technique and learnt to color and decorate beautiful glass objects. The art of glass making gradually moved to Greece and Asia. The Greek began using mosaic patterns in glass and decorated church windows with it. In other parts of the world like Venice, craftsmen had to get license to become glass suppliers.

Today there are many glass suppliers manufacturing everything from glass jars and glass bottles to mirrors and windows. Glass decoration has become an art and most brands design their logos to be printed on glass bottles or glass jars supplied by the glass manufacturers. Wine bottles are one example where design becomes very important in decorating a glass bottle. Not only the packaging but the shape and size of the bottle are also critical. The glass bottle can be given different finishing like satin finish, pad printing and screen printing.

Another example of complex designed glass bottles are perfumes and colognes. Here again the shape and cut of the bottle become very important, and the bottle has to be decorated and packaged in such a way that it catches the consumers’ eyes. Technology plays an important role in glass design and decoration. The precision and cutting tools that a glass supplier uses make all the difference between an ordinary glass bottle and an unusually brilliant glass bottle design. Accuracy is also crucial so that the cover or lid of the glass jar or glass bottle fits nicely on the top, and can be easily opened or closed.

These days there are special techniques available like digital printing, ink spraying and foil stamping that create extraordinary designs and solid effects in a glass bottle. Some glass jars are fitted with fairy lights that can be turned on and off using a switch, and make a beautiful effect in a glass room. Glass suppliers continue to innovate in ideas and technologies used for glass decoration as they have a competing market from plastic suppliers. While plastic is long-lasting, it creates an environmental hazard which is becoming a more prominent issue today. This has given the glass suppliers an opportunity to step back into the game and sell more items packaged in glass bottles and jars rather than plastic bottles.

Jam, for example, continues to be sold in glass jars and is a staple English breakfast spread. Other items like mustard and marmalade are sold in glass packaging too. It is more fun to scoop mustard out of a glass jar rather than squeeze it through a plastic tube. The advantage of glass bottles and glass jars is that they are easy to clean and can be reused in many ways. Many people collect beautiful glass bottles to decorate their windows or grow plants in them. Glass jars can also be used for storing home-made items because their lids are air-tight, and seal the food inside. Glass suppliers will continue to thrive as long as they come up with unusual designs and uses for glass jars and glass bottles in the future.