New Sustainable Beverage-fill Tech Could Eliminate Glass Bottles

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“New sustainable beverage tech could eliminate plastic bottles” Sure! Just recently, a machine capable of filtering, filling and capping over 300 bottles of water per hour has been launched by a clear water manufacturing company based in North Carolina-based. This process can be repeated in any location such as retail spaces, stadiums, hotels and even campuses.

glass bottle filling

According to the company, the idea behind the innovation was to respond positively to the environmental and other risks posed by the conventional glass bottles and plastic bottles as they normally end up in the ocean or landfills (for the plastics) or cause other physical injuries (in the case of the glass). Here, an aluminum bottle is the target.

This innovative machine size is like that of a conventional refrigerator. It is connected to any location’s main water supply, fills recyclable aluminum and then gets them ready for on-site purchase. Return areas or reverse-vending set up will encourage consumers to return the used bottles which is then washed properly, re-filled and made ready for purchase.

According the Jason Dibble, co-founder and CEO, their system can actually sanitize, fill and even cap the bottle at the very point-of-use. This means a drastic reduction in the carbon footprint by a percentage as high as 95. He added that this is possible because there won’t be any transportation cost and no plastic bottle usage.

Before the advent of this innovation, Dibbie has work for several years as a part of the water quality research and development industry. During this period, he and his colleagues saw the need for developing a new filling technology that would rather create a sustainable solution for the single-use beverages.

Though these machines are still in the pre-launch phase, orders are being processed by the Dibbie as he expects to have a lot of up them being operated by clients in the close of 2018.

As a way of encouraging customers to return the bottles on-site, the company have plans to introduce a program that will grant cash (discount) on a subsequent purchase for any bottle that is returned. According to him (Dibbie), this is a good way to get people to get those bottles back since there’s a monetary benefit.

This innovative filling technology can be applied to beverages in the industry though water is the obvious target of this launch. Dibbie also added that carbonated beverages are the only ones that can work with the machine due to the capping mechanism. This also implies that there’s room for expansion to accommodate diary drinks, juice drinks as well as flavored water among others. The CEO also added that plans are on the way as they wait to ensure that the concept of the bottled water is realized considerably.

With this new sustainable beverage technology, there is bound to be a drastic reduction in over dependence in the plastic bottles. To a large extent, this would be another effective step in the fight against environmental threat and risks to individuals.