New Market Opportunities Coming to Glass Bottle Manufacturers

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During the past few years,a batch of glass container manufacturers,having experienced the impact of plastic food bottles have fallen down.Those glass bottle manufacturers who have adhered to the present is faced with the new market opportunities for development.Today,let's have a look at these specific opportunities.

Firstly,food safety is emphasized more often.Plastic bottles in food packing have stepped into the the area of food safety.Because of Bisphenol A and plasticizer,people are more concerned about the plastic bottle packaging. Glass bottles for food packing win more trust from consumers. This is a big chance for glass bottle manufacturers.

secondly,with the development of food, beverage, wine companies positioning high-end products, consumers began to focus on quality of life.Glass bottle packaging has been the preffered choice of consumers. In recent years, as a manufacturer of glass bottles, the production of the glass containers has also been positioned in the high-end market. Various technologies of frosting, imitating ceramics, baking flowers and painting have all started on the glass bottles, which have made the glass bottles beautiful and upscale. Although this has increased the cost to a certain extent, this is not a major factor for enterprises pursuing high-end quality and products.

IBOYA,dedicated in glass packing industry for several years,really hope our colleagues can also seize this big market chance to develop ourselves.