Mason Jar

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Mason jars are bottle containers used in homes for food preservation. There are many companies in the market and on the internet, which are making and supplying mason jars of different sizes. However; I’d like to take this moment and introduce you to a company names IBOYA glass. IBOYA glass is a glass bottle manufacturer and mason jars manufacturer.


I would like you to take a look at few of the many bottles and mason jars listed below so you can understand what makes this company different from the others in the market at the moment.

This jar pictured above is a 14oz Mason jar equipped with a silver or a golden cap. This is also names as Jam Jar by the manufacturer. This jar is suitable for containing different food products or relevant products in itself. These products include pickles, nuts, cakes, jams, coconut oil, etc. The jars can be ordered by restaurants because the manufacturers have added a compatible lid. The compatible lid provides a professional look to the jar so different restaurants can use the jars for displaying their products.

Note that this jar can be purchased in different styles. The styles that are available and are selling hot are     4oz, 8oz, 8oz tempered, 16oz, 32oz, square round, and 16 oz round jars. One important point that I need to mention here is that if you are looking for customizable shape and size, you can order one from IBOYA glass.


Another product that needs an introduction is Tapered jar (pictured above). This tapered jar is 4oz jar suitable for products like pickles,  nuts, jams, etc. However, it is specially designed for storing honey. This product can also be customized and ordered for special sizes and designs.

There are a few details regarding this company that I would like to add here. Although the written details in the product specifications and descriptions are enough to order a product; however; you would like to have complete satisfaction before investing in something or before placing an order. So, for this purpose, IBOYA has mentioned that they can provide free samples to the customers if required. You order your original product later after testing out the sample.  

A modern trend that has evolved in recent past is that people these days love to print their pictures or treasured memories on cups, bottles, and jars. You can have the same option on IBOYA jars. They are using different printing methods like hot stamping, silk screen, frost, label stickers, and colour sprayer, etc.

IBOYA manufactures and delivers mason jars and glass bottles for different sectors. Individuals can order companies can order their products and also the products. Normal delivery time for their small orders or individual orders is 5 to 7 days after the company receives your payment. However; for large scale orders of companies, they have mentioned that the company will be needing 35 days or more as per your requirement.

You don’t have to worry about losing your money, as the company has replaced policy for the defected items.