Mason Jar Plays Unexpected Roles in Our Life

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Do you know that there are more than 2000 uses of mason jars? I have tried to discover more and more ways to reuse these mason jars. Moreover, I have also utilized their uses in recipes, DIYs, home decoration projects, health tips and many more. Here I will share the top 13 uses of this glass bottle, i.e., mason jar.

 mason jars

1. Use mason jars for leftovers:

If you buy a set of plastic Tupperware, it costs around $20 for 12 pieces. But what if you buy 12 mason jars for just $3? It is a cheap use of tupperware, bestt for leftovers. You can use it for a leftover fried meal no matter it is from home or at a restaurant. Now you don’t need to waste your foods when eating outside at any hotel or restaurant. Just bring a mason jar cap with you and fill it up with all of your leftovers and avoid wasting food and money spend on it.


2. Make it a coffee cup:

Now you don’t need to buy any disposable coffee cup because you have already got it in the form of a mason jar. Yes, you can make your coffee in a mason jar with a milk bag.


3. Bake any dish in a mason jar:


Have you ever wondered that you could use this glass bottle for baking dishes? You should always try something new. Start by baking some personalized food in a mason jar. From Banana bread to mini pot-pies, bake inside mason jars.


4. Utilize mason jars bands as biscuit cutters:

You can also reuse the bands of coconut oil jar as biscuit cutters. Make perfect shaped biscuit in your breakfast. It works as a perfect cutter for your meals.


5. Make egg rings:

Along with the awesome biscuit shapes, you can also cook your eggs in a perfect size to fit with the biscuits. Use the mason jar bands to make flawless egg rings.


6. Use it for takeout:

Are you planning a picnic outside? Mason jars can be the best ones to load up your delicious soups, noodles or sauces.

7. Enjoy mini pie tins With mason jars:


Yeah, now you can enjoy making mini pies with the white color mason jar cap. Instead of those usual cupcakes. You can make these with the help of metal lids, but you must avoid the plastic lids so that it doesn’t transfer BPS into your meal.


8. Mason jars for storage:

You might have already seen this use of these mason jars. If you store your food in the glass bottle, you will save much of your food from waste. You can store your dry food items in glass jars which helps the food remain fresh.


9. Prepare a glass bottle candle:

Here is another use of mason jars. Glass bottle candles are the best for your holiday events.

10. Make It your water bottle:

Using glass jars as water bottles can reduce the risk of BPA or BPS which always exists when you fill up your water in plastic bottles.


11. Mason jar for organization:

Obviously, you can also decorate your room with these glass jars. You can make it a vase or place it on your desk for stationary. Moreover, you may also use it in the kitchen to store food.


12. Store different products:

I usually use this glass bottle for storing beauty products such as lotion, aloe vera gel, and toothpowder. It can keep all these things air tight.


13. Mason Jar as a speaker:


I really enjoy listening to songs in full volume by placing my smartphone in a mason jar. So now you don't have to buy your iHome, as you actually got it.


14. Try them as glasses:


You can use mason jars as drinking glasses usually in parties where one must break a glass. If you have these hexagon glass jars, then why do you use the expensive set of glasses in the parties? Try mason jars for drinking juices or water.