Major Types of Canning Jar Lids

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Canning jar lids happen to be one of the most common things we have in our houses. We have different sizes and styles such as jelly, quilt, and wide-mouthed jars.

Despite the that we use them every day, some people find it difficult to differentiate one type from another. Different lids function differently on different cans. When the right one is used for the right function, you are sure of the safety of the can.

Getting quality canning jar lids to cover your product is key. Read on as we take you through the major types of canning lids.

Types Of Canning Jar Lids

There are various types of lids in the market. Let's briefly look at the major ones. They are:

· Self-sealing lid

· Glass lid

· Zinc lid

1. Self-Sealing Lid

A self-sealing lid happens to be the modern canning jar lid. It has a superior sealing ability. Some of them can be reused, while others are single-use only. Once you open the can, you cannot close it again.

The self-sealing lid has a flat metal lid that is supported by a metal screw band. The flat lid crimps around the bottom edge to produce a trough. The trough is filled with a substance that softens and spreads a little to cover the sealing surface.

During the sealing process, air escapes from the jar. As the jar cools, the soft substance forms ab airtight seal around the surface of the jar.

canning jar lids

2. Glass Lid

A glass lid is a canning jar lid that is shatter-resistant and has long-lasting performance. In most cases, it is dishwasher safe due to the nature of the water-resistant material used to produce it.

The material aids in the preservation of the content in the jar. Whether drink or food, the glass lid protects the content from any risks that originate from harmful chemicals.

Most home-canning professionals like using this type of lid to seal food for future use. The process of canning is not tedious like some other types of canning. One can comfortably get it done within a short period.

3. Zinc Lid

The zinc lid is another canning jar lid that is used for a canning jar lid. The zinc material is placed over the mouth of the jar. A rubber gasket is then placed between the lid and the jar.

Before placing the lid, stretch it before placing the canner. Complete the sealing process with the lid still in position on the jar. The reason the lid should be in one position is that the gasket can displace easily.

If you don't pay attention to it during the process, the lid may bump. The bump will cause the partially sealed food to spoil. Due to this challenge, most home-canning professionals do not use this type of canning.

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