Interesting Uses for Mason Jars

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Jam, pasta sauce, salsa — what do they all have in common? They all come packaged in Mason jars. Rather than recycling jars when they are empty, why not put them to good use? With a little creativity and a few ingredients, the uses for Mason jars are limitless.



The average set of plastic tupperware costs $20 and has 12 pieces. You can buy 12 mason jars for $3. That is a bargain. They’re perfect for leftovers. Whether you have leftover stir fry from a home cooked meal or if you’re out at a restaurant. Opt out of the styrofoam to-go container at the restaurant and load the mason jar up with your leftovers. It’s easy peasy!  



Who needs a disposable coffee cup? Not you. You can also make coffee in a mason jar with a nut milk bag! 

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beauty products:

I store all of my beauty products in glass jars too like lotion, toothpowder, and aloe vera gel. They’re just so functional, and easy to keep everything air tight. 



You can also use them as drinking glasses. Comes in super handy for parties. If you’re running short on glasses, or you want to give your friends something you don’t mind them breaking. Is it really a party if someone doesn’t break a glass?


Infused alcohol

Leftover jars can be used to make your own flavor-infused alcohol. There are a variety of options to blend with your favorite booze including herbs, fruits, spices, nuts and more. Northwest Life provides a thorough explanation of the different alcohol choices and the best ways to infuse your booze.


Cookie mix in a jar

Premade cookie mixes make great gifts and party favors. Use a Mason jar to beautifully display the layered ingredients and top it off with a nice note and a bow. Something Turquoise provides a recipe and printable labels to make the perfect Mason jar cookie mix favor.

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Indoor herb garden

Put your extra jars to good use by growing herbs for convenient use right in your kitchen. Not only will the fresh herbs taste better, you’ll also have a cute display to brighten up your home. Thanks to Food, Family & Finds for this Mason jar indoor herb garden idea and photo.


Pencil holders

Use your empty Mason jars to organize pens, pencils, and the rest of your craft room with this easy pastel jar tutorial. With a little bit of paint, your mismatched jars become matching pencil holders that can brighten up any room. Thanks to Kootut murut for the pastel jar step-by-step instructions and photos.


Bathroom organizer

Jars are very convenient when it comes to organization. This handy wall organizer helps save counter space and provides a clean display of everything you need. DIY Playbook provides step-by-step instructions to create this Mason jar organizer which makes a great accent piece for your bathroom.


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