If You're Using Mason Jars for Everything, Read This First

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Mason jars are available in different homes, shops, and stores. Every person is familiar with its amazing uses. You can change Mason jar into anything of your choice. For instance, you can turn it into a Soap Dispensers, herb shaker or Herb Garden. It can also be used as a toothbrush holder or bird feeder. These jars are also good to store food for a long time. Some people used to keep their dry fruits in these jars. In short, it is a multi-purpose thing to use. However, if you’re using Mason Jars for everything then first you need to read this article.

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Issue With Mason Jars

Before using Mason jar for any purpose, it is imperative to give it a water bath. In this way, the jar will get sterilized and you will be able to know that is it damaged or not. The procedure of Mason jar boiling water bath has triggered many questions in the mind of health-conscious people. Due to this reason, many health freaks do not use it for baking or cooking after boiling water bath.

On different social media websites, people have struggled to explain either the Mason jar is safe to use or not for cooking.

When it comes to quality assurance, the companies that have launched Mason jars mentioned it is not good to use these jars in the oven. Also, it should not be exposed to dry heat.

The main problem with Mason jar is that it is not created from tempered glass. Correspondingly, why you have to use these jars in a boiling water bath? In the event that you need to put the piping hot liquids or eatables into the room-temperature jar, you can put the glass into the risk of thermal shock. The jar will break because of the difference in temperature.

What Should Be Done?

The Mason jars brands have not endorsed utilizing these jars for baking or cooking. In case, you were having an idea of using these jars as a cooking vessel than change your mind. The glass of these jars is not able to handle the extreme temperatures.

Whether you purchase a high-quality container or a low-quality, this thing applies to both of them. The glass has not been designed for hot temperatures. It can handle cold temperature but not hot. You can put cold drinks, juices or shakes in it. If you want to put it in the fridge then it is fine. Moreover, you can use it at room temperature without any doubt.

 Last Word

Mason jars are one of those containers that have many uses. You can put different things like stones and put them on your shelves for decoration. Or else, you can use them to drink shakes or smoothies. In every way, it is useful. The only thing you need to avoid is to use them for cooking or baking. These containers are made up from a glass which is not able to handle extremely hot temperatures. Nevertheless, you can put Mason jar in the room or cold temperature. The makers of these containers have also recommended not utilizing it in the oven.