How to use the European dropper bottle

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Generally, drip count bottles have been applied in several fields ranging from beauty and cosmetics to medicine. As a type of drip count bottle, the European dropper bottles vary in size though they are generally small. They are made of glass or plastic materials which accounts for their durability. The amber color helps to protect the content of the bottle from the direct effect of UV rays. This is a good property especially for those liquids that can react when exposed to light.  This amber glass bottle is excellent for diluting an essential oil to be used on children or for making blends.


The screw on top contains a suction tube which dispenses the liquids in small quantities or one drop at a time. Some tubes, especially those used for drugs and other medical solutions, have marked measurements on them to help you control the exact volume you want to dispense at any given time.

Though there are some variations in the European dropper bottles, they are relatively used for similar purpose – for dispensing liquids in controlled amounts.

Sometimes, dispensing the exact amount of liquid needed could be daunting, either you achieve less or more volume is released. However, it is important for any user to understand how to make use of the European dropper bottle to minimize waste of the liquid content.

Now, let's look at how to make use of this dropper bottle.

· Unscrew the cap from the dropper bottle while holding the bottle tightly in position.

· Press the rubber bulb between your fingers to pass a liquid that is contained in the tube.

· Screw the cap on and shake the bottle if necessary. This will depend on the type of liquid you are  dispensing especially for the slightly viscous liquids.

· Unscrew the cap again and squeeze the pear while the tube is inside the bottle. It will be to attract the liquid upwards into the dropper tube. You may need to tilt the bottle if the liquid level is low. If you are using a measured quantity, handle the ampoule to obtain the liquid of the measurement mark indicated for your use.

· To release the liquid from the pipette, press the ampoule while the tube is not in the liquid. Gently press the ampoule briefly to dispense the drops. You need to take note of the exact volume of liquid you need. The number of drops would depend on your needs.

To wrap it up, the dropper allows you to control the flow of liquid and makes filling capsules or sample vials a snap. To minimize waste of the liquid content and maximize efficiency, you need to learn how to make use of the European dropper bottle.  However, it is important to note that the bottle should be stored in an upright position to prevent deterioration of the rubber bulb. When the dropper bottle is not in use always remember to replace the dropper cap with a regular cap.