How to Start a Mason Jar Stockpile

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How to Start a Mason Jar Stockpile

glass mason jar for home storage

As we all know that canning and preserving is coming back into vogue,Mason jar will be the best choice in this trend. Any size, style, shape, even color- those glass mason jar are all worth having.They come in both regular and wide mouth size and are very inexpensive.The most of all,Glass jar can be genuine and re-usable.So,we can’t refuse the mason jar.Here are some places to start looking:

Craigslist. Look in the Free section and search for jars, canning, etc. You’d be surprised what people give away.

Garage sales. The place has so many free or very cheap boxes of canning jars . Its one of the first things we look for when we stop at a sale.Family or friends. A lot of people have jars that they just dont know what to do with, especially our mothers generation, or perhaps grandmothers that used to do canning but have since given it up.

End-of-season clearance sales. Starting around the end of August and all through September, you should keep your eyes open for the brand new boxes in the grocery or hardware stores to go on clearance. Once they do, you can buy as many boxes as your budget and storage situation can handle.Thrift stores (and garage sales). Sometimes you can find them in complete box sets, other times you have to buy them by the jar. Either way, its usually worthwhile.

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