How to open and use the essential oil bottle

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Refined oil bottles are widely used in life and are very common. But there are a lot of people who don't know how to open the bottle. Below, the small small make up for everybody to introduce the refined oil bottle how to open, the refined oil bottle how to use. 

The use of refined oil bottle is as follows:

1. Open the oil bottle method: use the safety switch to prevent children from opening the danger themselves. Please press the cap first and then the lid. When the lid is placed directly, the lid can be locked tightly, which is the safe design of essential oil.

2. The small funnel in the bottle before use, add favorite oil about 6 minutes full, also can use two or three different essential oils into the incense inside the bottle, the smell of before and after deployment, there will be a different artistic conception.

3. Then place the thread in the bottle, and after 20 minutes, the vaporized essential oil is completely permeated with the core and the head, then the next step can be taken. Because it can protect the head and facilitate the ignition of the head.

After 4.20 minutes, use a lighter or matches, light column head, please remember to vaporize essential oils incense use bottle placed in a safe and smooth place, and before the ignition can be placed before the refined oil vaporization in ignition place in the aftermath of the far away places so as not to fall over.

5. When the flame is ignited, the flame will grow from small to large, so please do not touch it so as not to burn. When the flame burns for five minutes, the vaporized essential oil in the incense burner is completely vaporized to allow the aroma to spread later.