How To Measure A Dip Tube In A Mist Sprayer?

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A mist sprayer without a dip tube is a mere doll. A dip tube is a plastic tube set up in a black fine mist sprayer.


Its importance cannot be overemphasized, because it is the track that carries the content to be sprayed out.


However, without a dip tube, your perfume oil would not end up at the desired surface.


Talking about a sad situation, where your glass cleaner would just stay in the bottle and your mirror or window would remain dirty.


All because the dip tube in your glass cleaner is not long enough to dispense the content to your mirror or window.


Also, dip tubes come with different diameters. For instance, a lotion pump’s tube has a longer diameter than a black fine mist sprayer dip tube.


In addition, the diameter is designed in such that the tube is proportional to the opening or hole through which the product will be coming out.


It is worthy to note that the dip tube provides the simplicity and safety of the mist sprayer.


It helps in curtailing the waste or malfunction associated when the inappropriate length of the dip tube is connected to the sprayer.  


However, choosing a suitable dip tube length for your black fine mist sprayer for a liquid task is paramount.  


For this reason, sourcing for that from a reliable and reputable manufacturer is the best option.


How Do You Measure A Dip Tube?

Having adequate knowledge on how to measure a dip tube can be a beat complicated. You don’t need to worry about that any longer.


Below is a step by step guide on how to achieve measure your dip tube for your mist sprayer;


Step 1: Measure the Container

Measure the actual length of the container. This will inform you how far your dip tube needs to reach your content.


Please note, when you want to measure it, let it be in a straight line from the top of the container to the base.


Step 2: Measure Your Mist Sprayer and Cut

This is the most important step, which involves measuring the sprayer from inside the cap.


This step will help you measure the exact point that the sprayer will rest on the container.


Then add up the length to the length of the container. Measure and mark the dip tube and cut.


Note, if your measuring device won’t fit inside the cap you can measure from outside. Measure from top of the cap.


Step 3: Test

It is pertinent to the test and sees how far you have gone. This will help to see if your liquid is dispensing properly.



A well-functioning black fine mist sprayer is a function of a dip tube and manufacturer. In other words, a dip tube is as important as the sprayer itself.


Also, mastering dip tube measurement is a sure way to achieve the optimal operation of a sprayer.


Lastly, for comfort and accurate dispensing of your liquid, gel, or lotion always bank on a professional manufacturer of bulk fine mist sprayer for the best deal.