How to Drill a hole in a Glass Bottle

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It is common to have glass bottles break when you apply pressure from a drill on them. But with proper lubrication, gentle pressure and then patience, you can achieve a smooth drill on them. However, possessing the appropriate tools and adopting the right processes is quite important when you think of drilling a hole in a glass bottle.

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To ensure safety during the drilling process, it should be done in areas away from your household traffic such as the basement or garage to ensure efficient cleanup after the process.

Let’s look at some of the materials that are required for drilling a hole in a glass bottle thus;

  • Rotary, drill tool

  • Sandpaper

  • Diamond drill bit

  • Several glass bottles -- for practice

  • Spray bottle with water

  • Safety goggles

  • Wet cloth

  • Towels

  • Cut-resistant gloves

Preparing for Drilling

Before you start the real drilling process, ensure that you carry out a test run on a glass bottle apart from the one you intend working on. It is also important to exercise caution and ensure you have your personal protective equipment such as your eyewear, gloves, and clothing because glass can still break when drilled even with the best precautions.

Safety glasses or goggles with side-shields should be worn when handling your glass to keep glass away from the eyes. Cut-resistant gloves with latex palms for grip should also be worn to protect you from shards of glass. Loose clothing or dangling accessories should be avoided when drilling. The arms should be optimally protected by keeping them completely covered with long sleeves.

Normal water in a spray bottle should be kept nearby to serve as a lubricating and cooling supply for the drill bit and glass bottle during the drilling process.

Drilling the Bottle

The bottle should be placed on a hard, solid surface covered with a towel with the spot to be drilled pointed towards you. You can begin drilling the hole with your safety glasses and gloves on and your water handy for quick cooling. Start with soft pressure and add water constantly on the drill bit for lubrication. Water should be added a few seconds interval and should not be more than that.

A few moments should be taken to set and ensure the drill is in position. Again, always wipe off the edge of the hole with your damp cloth to avoid the glass shards from building up. This is because the spray bottle may not have enough pressure to push the glass shards way when they must have piled up.

Light drilling should be maintained while spraying water and wiping down the hole. This should be continued until the drilling push through to the other side of the hole. When you achieve this, stop to avoid breaking the glass any further.

The drill should be removed and wipe down the entire bottle using your damp cloth to ensure that all the tiny shards are completely cleaned up. Sand down the edges of the whole using sandpaper. This should be done until a smooth feel is achieved.

Once again, wipe down the excess shards.

Things to Remember

Wear your safety goggles always while drilling

The drill’s power cord should be kept away from moisture or water. A cordless drill will be preferred.

Drilling pressure should be soft to avoid any crack on the glass bottle.