How-to Cut-Glass Bottles and Turn Them into Storage Jars with Lids

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There are several ways to cut glass bottles and having tried various methods which are available it is crucial to shared the most effective method with everyone so that they can understand and also use it. This effective method is fool proof, quick, easy and also leaves you with the cleanest cut. There are more convoluted and elaborate methods out there used for cutting glass bottles but you don’t need to be trying any methods rather use the most effective and efficient method.

Cutting glass bottles and turning them into storage jars is very essential because it help in recycling glass bottles while making them available for various purposes. For those reading this content, they have made the right decision because this will help in reducing the cost of buying storage items within the house.

glass bottle

Remove the label from the glass bottles

· You should submerge the bottle in a sink with hot water and leave for a duration of 10 minutes. With this method, some labels will just peel off nice and easily.

· Some labels will only be softened with the method above and scrap off the label with a knife or wire brush so as to remove the rest.

· If you still have sticky residue left that won’t come off with your kitchen scrubbing brush, rub a little nail varnish remover or lighter fluid onto it and this will come away.

Mark your cutting line

You should place a strip of masking tape around the glass bottle where you wish to cut. This will act as your guide and also ensure you have a neat circle that meets around the bottle. Make sure that where the ends of the masking tape meet up so as to have a straight line, this will ensure you have a neat cut.

Score your cutting line

· Rest your arm on something that will elevate it slightly such as a folded-up towel. This helps to keep your hand steady and at a good angle.

· With your glass cutter, you should score the glass bottle along the line of the masking tape all the way around the bottle.

Hot and cold water

· Take your bottle to the running cold water tap and whilst wearing your rubber glove on the hand you hold the bottle with, pour a small trickle of boiling water over the score line, rotating the bottle around as you do so.

· The next thing is to run the bottle under the cold tap while rotating the bottle.

· Repeat this process alternating between the hot water and the cold water. When you start to hear the bottle making popping or cracking sounds it’s about to fall away. This process takes a few minutes and you’ll be left holding a piece of bottle on each hand.

· The cutting of glass is done at this stage.

Smooth the edges of your edges of your cut glass bottle

There are several ways to smooth the edges of your bottle and it all depends on the amount you want to spend, how polished you want it to look and the tools and equipment you may already have that you can use. To heat the glass enough in order to re-mould the edges, a professional touch is required. Moreover, smoothing the edges would make it safe to use the glass bottles.

The two glass bottles can then be combined together to form a jar while covering it with a plastic cover.