How to Clean Glass Dropper?

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Many of the leading cosmetic brands have resorted to using glass dropper bottles for their products as it gives a premium look. These bottles are reusable such that most of the consumers use them to store different type of skin oils and ointments as they make access to the products easier. The size of these bottles’ ranges from 5ml to as big as 100ml depending on the product that is being stored in them. Acquiring these bottles is easy as there are countless companies such as which allow their customers to buy these bottles in bulk. In this article, the proper way to clean a glass dropper will be discussed.

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To properly clean an old container of glass dropper, you will be needing 70% isopropyl alcohol, paper towel and some cotton buds. The isopropyl alcohol is used to sterilize the used containers to prevent contamination. The first step is to rinse then bottles to make sure that any product in the bottle is washed away and then it is best to soak the bottles in water overnight. This will allow you to remove any labels that were on the bottle and then you can rinse it with water one more time. After that, boil the bottles in water for around 10 minutes and then rinse the bottles with 70% isopropyl alcohol and let it air dry on a piece of tissue paper. For the glass dropper it is not recommended to reuse them as it is hard to clear the plastic nozzle. However, you can pull the plastic part from the glass dropper and repeat the directions that were outlined previously.

Although, it may seem easy to clean the glass dropper but it is not recommended to reuse them for storing cosmetic products. This is usually due to the fact the contaminated products may be harmful for your skin. The price of glass dropper is not that high and it can be easily bought from so if you are looking too store your cosmetic products in these glass dropper bottles then we suggest you to buy new ones.