How to Choose the Right Glass Jar for Homemade Cosmetics

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Recently,homemade cosmetics have become more and more popular in the market,homemade cosmetics are considered to be healthy and secure.

One of the biggest reasons people decide to make their own products is due to the concern of chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients found in today’s commercial products. Consumers read headline after headline about product recalls on popular items and toxins causing health problems. Opting to make products at home allows the user to know exactly what goes into them.

Many of the cosmetics made at home can incorporate organic and natural ingredients to lessen the risks associated with chemicals and toxins found in the store-bought versions. Recipes with natural ingredients like honey and milk are much safer and gentler for the skin.

For those suffering from allergies, crafting cosmetics from natural ingredients helps avoid the risk of contact with allergens found in commercial products. Allergies are often triggered by the dyes and harsh chemicals cosmetic manufacturers use to make and preserve products.

Choosing Safe Containers For Your Specific Recipe

Choose glass containers and spray bottles when they won’t be stored around the sink, tub or in the diaper bag, and can be kept safely out of little hands.  Glass is non-porous and will hold up to pretty much any ingredient. Stainless steel works really well for many recipes too.

Glass and Stainless Steel Containers

Kids Konserve Mini Containers

LunchBots Tiny Leak Proof Dips Condiment Containers

Mason Jar 2oz Shot Glasses with Lids

Ball Mason Jars (4 oz)

Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Straight Sided Glass Jar, with Black Polypropylene Lid (2 oz)

Durable + safe Containers For More Potent Essential Oil Recipes

Some essential oils (especially citrus oils) have a chemical composition that is known to interfere with the chemistry of some plastics and metals, causing them to break down or rust.  Consider using glass jars for these recipes instead – even when diluted pretty thoroughly with a carrier oil.

PET has been shown to handle skincare products containing essential oils remarkably well because it has a high permeability resistance rating.  PET bottles should be replaced/recycled if they begin to show any signs of breakdown (leaking, warping or changing color).