How To Choose The Right Aluminum Closure

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The packaging of products is as important as the contents of the product. To make a product safe for use, the right closure is very essential. When the right closure is used, customers feel safe patronizing the product.

Aluminum closure happens to be one of the commonly used closures for packaging products. To get it right, there are things you have to consider. Both the product and the container should meet the needs of the users.

What are the things you should look for? Keep reading as we take you through ways to choose the right aluminum closure for your products. In the end, you will be able to take the right decision for your products.

 aluminum closure

1. Purpose of the Product

The type of content of the product is an essential factor to consider before choosing the closure. An appropriate aluminum closure will provide thicker consistency and prevents spills.

Using it to cover the product will keep the product safe and prevents wastage. Moreover, some products need air-tight coverage while others do not. Keep this factor in mind when choosing the closure.

2. Size of Closure

The size of the closure is another factor to put into perspective. The right closure will fit the bottle or jar you choose. How will you know the right size? Check the list to locate “neck finish” or “neck height dimension”.

It will give you a good guide on the right dimension of the aluminum closure to use. Do not choose an over-size closure. If you do, there is a high probability that the products will spill or waste.

3. The Format of Closure

The design of bottles or jars comes in different formats. Each format has its purpose and technique of closure. Some formats are slipovers, sifter tops, rings, and plugs, over caps, and easy-open all-aluminum closure tabs.

For instance, the sifter tops are often used for household powders and seasonings. The closure is opened by the application of friction on the can. Slipcovers are used in the cosmetics and wine industry.

The design and technique of closure give you a guide on how to choose the right closure for your products. Easy-open all Aluminum closure tabs are suitable for sealing the top can. It is common in the food industry.

4. Overall Appearance

The overall appearance of the product is important. Apart from the primary purpose of sealing the bottle or jar, the closure also contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the jar.

Choose the one that will give an attractive and a higher-end appearance to the product. Consumers are easily attracted to products that are packaged with attractive and premium lids. Keep this in mind when choosing the aluminum closure for your product.

Aluminum Closure

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