How to choose different kinds of bottles?

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We offer high quality glass bottles available for a variety of uses: food and beverage, cosmetics, wholesale packaging, aromatherapy, wedding favors, crafts and more. Whether you need packaging for a new line of spa products or a few bottles for your homemade hot sauce, you'll find it here. These clear round glass bottles are a versatile choice for food, beverages and body care products. They are easy to label, durable and showcase contents beautifully. Choose standard caps, spray caps, bulb droppers or our convenient pump options. All prices include the closure of your choice. Both decorative and functional, corked bottles have any number of uses, such as oils, vinegars, wedding favors, plus beauty and bath products. Choose from an assortment of stylish bottles, including the gotica, quadra, and woozy styles. All prices include the cork top. Here you’ll find some great options in our series of beverage bottles. Whether you’re shopping for eco-friendly reusable beer growlers, jugs for personal use, juice bottles for a national brand, or stocking up on restaurant and barware, Specialty Bottle has you covered. Explore the exciting choices we have available for table-top water service with our swing top bottles, or browse our corked bottle category to find unique bottles for liqueurs, spirits, syrups, or infusions. Our Boston round glass bottles and stubbies are a great choice for extracts, bitters, cold brew coffee, or ginger beer. We have bottles in many shapes, sizes, and colors, including amber glass for UV protection of light-sensitive ingredients. Our best price guarantee makes Specialty Bottle your best source for wholesale container and packaging options direct from the manufacturer. Click on a link below to explore our beverage options in detail.