How Are Olive Oil Bottles Scrubbed Clean? And Why It Matters

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Extra virgin olive oil is something that chefs might keep in their kitchen, conveniently located for use. In addition to being a fantastic cooking oil, olive oil is also delicious drizzled on rustic Italian bread or mixed with vinegar for a salad dressing.

Whatever you use olive oil for, it seems to disappear before your eyes, and before you know it, and it’s time to get a new bottle or refill one that you already have. Cleaning the container before use is essential if you are a refiller type of olive oil user.

This article will demonstrate how you can properly clean olive oil bottles as well as the significance of washing them.

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A Comprehensive Manual On Cleaning Olive Oil Bottles

1. Use hot water to rinse the bottle—All the extra olive oil that's still inside the bottle, especially at the bottom, is removed by giving it a thorough rinse under hot water.

2. Use a dishwasher or dishwashing soap to clean. Most of the time, you are advised to use a dishwasher because it will wash the bottle at a higher temperature, but not everyone has one.

The olive oil will be broken down by dish soap, making the bottle clearer. You can hastily wash it with the aid of a thin bottle brush as well.

3. Use distilled white vinegar to rinse. You must rinse the bottle once more, this time with distilled white vinegar, after washing it with dish soap.

The smell from the old oil won't affect the new one because vinegar will get rid of all the odors from the bottle.

4. Pay attention to the corks and dispensers. Remember to clean them with the same method as well.

5. Rinse it off completely with hot water. You should completely rinse away the bottle of vinegar to get rid of its unpleasant, sour smell and flavor.

6. Dry off the bottle. The bottle must dry entirely before the last stage, at which point it is prepared for refilling. Make sure to hang it up to dry or just flip it over to finish drying.

Reasons why you should cleanse your empty olive oil bottle before refilling it

· Particularly if you purchased a new bottle of olive oil from a different producer, you probably want to get rid of the flavor and smell of old olive oil.

· Because olive oil has a shelf life, it will eventually turn rancid. Before pouring in fresh oil, you should empty the bottle of all the rotten contents. Keep in mind that fresh olive oil will be tainted by old, rancid oil.

· Dispensers and corks need special attention since they always catch some olive oil inside, causing them to get rancid.

· It's important to keep the bottle clean since, after repeated uses, the exterior of the bottle frequently becomes dirty.

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