How a Woman Reduced Her Waste to a Jar in a Week

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In a world where trash and waste disposal has become so much a task to handle, you can as well follow just these few steps to make sure the environment receive less waste on daily basis from your activities.


Typical of this is a woman who has eliminated so much waste from her day-to-day life such that she has managed to reduce her waste to just a tiny mason jar. Unbelievable right?


Such a lifestyle begins when you are environmentally friendly, loving the natural aesthetic look of the environment and trying your best to keep it beaming just like that.


How can I be environmentally friendly, you may ask. Firstly, this is a lifestyle and you can build this lifestyle when you are able to look back at the waste you generate on daily basis. Simple steps of hard work and commitment will address the issue of waste from plastic waste to other materials.


Some tips for eliminating waste in your home 

1.      Bring your own water bottle

Using disposable cups for water and coffee also add a lot of waste to the environment on daily basis. Having your own reusable water bottle on hand is an easy way to eliminate the waste seamlessly. 


glass jar

2.      Bid Plastic straws and cutlery a firm goodbye: 

With your own reusable version of these things, you can save the environment that is receiving a huge back-log of these materials. 


3.      Make Your cleaning products and keep a container for them: 

Start making your own products.  Yes, you may be like. What!!! How do I make my own product? Think of it as one of your favorite chores, it won't seem so difficult. Sure you are aware that most cleaning products come in plastic containers and sachets. Making some of this product from your home can help to a great extent. Better still, even keeping a container for some of these cleaning products helps a lot so that the next time you want to buy these products from stores, you simply go with your refill containers. This can save you a great deal from waste disposal.

4.      Redefine your caffeine kick Habit: 

Sure, you love coffee and wants to always start your day with it. Look back and you’ll discover that the disposable cups from the office and coffee shops add to the amount of waste deposited in the environment. This recommendation should help you as you look forward to playing your part in waste reduction. Bring your own mug to work and have travel cup on hand when visiting the coffee shop. 


Living this simple lifestyle, many people see and think to be too hard, but it really leads to an easier existence.


With many stuff, you need to dust it, clean it, maintain it, repair it and dispose of it but where it is less, you have less to clean and keep. This can improve life on so many levels.