Great Mason Jar Ideas- Easy Uses for Mason Jars

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There are many users for the said mason jar or glass jar as some may call it. Here we are going to give you 50 ideas that pertain to the usage of this kind of jar that one may not know off. This way one will know how to use this kind of jar if someone has one, or one too many, whatever the case, you will be covered with the help of 50 ideas about a mason jar. 



The ideas start from here:

One can use this type of jar for a do it yourself piggy bank. Jar as a smoothie glass or maybe one can use it for drinking juice. You may use it as an oil lamp with the oil inside and the light cotton outside. One can also put flowers in these and use them as a decorated vase.  


Use them for organizing:

Pencil holder with your own design is also a good idea, and it can be a key hook near your entrance door. Magnetic spice rack made from masons in good numbers. If you are running out of frames for your picture, then you can put them in a glass jar. It can act as a pencil box and a tissue paper holder. The tip box for waiters, and everyone's favorite: the swearing jar.  


Fun things:

You like shaking things, then mason shaker would also turn out to be a good idea. Mason goblets is another one of the good ideas; just attach glass holders below them. You can have the rainbow cupcakes inside them with a fork attached to them with a rubber band. You can put your roasted coffee beans in here as storage. How about pouring some beer in it.  


For the Kitchen:

Masons with label lids and labels on them. Soap dispenser, with a part of the dispensers in the actual one. Fresh food storage, cupcakes liners, and dry food storage, and how about jar tumblers, and Salt 'n' Pepper shakers. Toothpick dispensers (with holes on the lids), and jar chandeliers of the kitchen.  


More of them:

Herb gardens of jars and yarn dispensers are also good ideas.  


Food ideas:

Overnight oats in a jar, mixed ice cream in a jar, muesli in a jar, and also your favorite cereal mixed with milk in a jar. BLT egg salads in a jar, pickles in a jar, and a lunch box for school or work, and do not forget cheesecake jar and chocolate cake jar.


Cool ideas:

Mason Jar Terrarium, mason gifts in a jar, beekeeping in a jar, jar sewing kit, hand-painted lantern jar, and DIY carpet freshener. Mason jar cookie recipe can be kept here. Digital content preserver, and jar survival kit, one can even use it as a makeup box. Aquarium in a jar is also a good idea. Jar toolbox and it can even act as a seashell collector.