Glass Roller Bottles-Make the Oils Easier to Apply

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Why make roller bottles? There are so many reasons…

 It makes the oils so easy to apply. Just roll them on! It takes seconds.

 I dilute them so that they’re safe for everyone in the family to use… all the way from my infant up to my husband and myself.


Diluting them so much makes my oils last a lot longer… saving a ton of money. Literally. A ton. 


Even if you only have one bottle of Lavender essential oil, you can make separate glass roller bottles to keep in the bathroom, kitchen, your purse, diaper bag… anywhere you need it so that there’s always one handy.


It's safest to dilute oils before using them, especially certain oils that are “hot” or caustic to the skin, like Oregano or Cinnamon. But, even the more soothing oils could be irritating to sensitive skin if used neat (undiluted). Certain oils should be more diluted for use on infants or children, so if you follow the common dilution charts, you’d have to dilute an oil one way for adults and another way for children. That’s just too complicated for a busy momma like me.


I learned that you can dilute therapeutic-grade oils in a 1:10 ratio, and because they're so pure, you won't lose effectiveness. 1 drop of essential oil to 10 drops of fractionated coconut oil. That's more diluted than most charts will recommend for use with infants, yet I've learned that we can all use them effectively and safely at that dilution. That really makes my oils last a long time! So, I choose to dilute all of my oils so that they’re safe for everyone in my family to use.

Roller bottles are very easy to make. I buy 5mL glass roller bottles from here and here. They come in different pieces.