Glass Deep Lug Jars:Where to Use

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We all know straight sided deep lug jars are perfect containers in food packing.They are great for food preservation, favors, crafting, candles, and storage. The straight sides take labels easily, even if it needs to wrap all the way around and show well in a retail setting. But aside for this, what else can the deep lug glass jars do in our daily life?


Deep lug jars for pudding cups


Jello and pudding cups are convenient, but they’re full of junky ingredients I don’t want to feed my family. You can make your own pudding cups though using the short 4 oz deep lug jars. You can make a bunch up at the beginning of the week to store in the fridge, and pull out as needed for lunch boxes, days out, or whenever needed.

 cupcake jar.png

Glass lug jars for storage shelf


If you love using lug jars for storage but want something that’s a little more anchored, then try this lug jar storage shelf. The tutorial is for storing sewing supplies, but it would work just as well for craft supplies. You can even use this to store herbs in your kitchen as a lug jar spice rack.

 lug jars to storage herbs.jpg

Glass lug jars for soap dispenser


Turn your glass lug jar into a reusable soap dispenser for the bathroom or kitchen.

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