Glass Bottle Manufacturing Factory’s Achievement:Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

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Glass bottles, as a main kind of packing material,is widely used in broad industries.Now almost glass bottle manufacturing factories are trying their best to realize energy conservation and emission reduction.Of course without exception,Iboya glass bottle manufacturer is also included.Here let’s see how they achieve this cost-save goal.


on the one hand is to actively explore the transformation of the boiler to reduce the energy consumption of the boiler, while reducing heat emissions, which is not only about the environment, for the glass manufacturers, energy efficiency means that glass bottles manufacturers in the original energy consumption is reduced, then the cost spending is down. At the same time, the glass bottle making factory in the water and power consumption are also amazing, if the system through the transformation to save this part of the expenditure, it is necessary.


Secondly,the high end of the glass bottle stems from its visual impact and texture. Compared to plastic packaging other packaging materials, glass bottles are more texture and heavy feeling, which to some extent is able to go into people's heart more closer . Like plastic bottles of this light packaging, is not conducive to the heavy feeling of contrast products. In addition, the glass bottle in the appearance of a lot of late processing, Frosting, spraying, roasting, etc., these post-processing technology, can quickly enhance the appearance of glass bottles, so that the glass bottle more artistic , magnificent and classy.