Five Spices that Cannot Be Lost in the Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important part of a home. Having several appliances, furniture, containers and food items, but the beauty of the kitchen lies in the way all these items are arranged, of course, everyone loves a neat and arranged environment.

It can be distressing to look for items like the spices in the kitchen whenever they need to be used and as such there are several ways and methods applied to arrange these materials. Spices just like many other products with limited shelf lives, need appropriate storage to ensure that they are good anytime you need them. Spices when care is not taken can go stale or spoil in a very small space of time even when they are stored correctly.

Proper storage of these items however do not just include the locations in the kitchen where they are stored. But also the spice jars for which they are stored. Choosing the suitable containers can help make sure that your spices stay usable and long lasting as possible.

One of the materials that can be used to preserve these spices and as well maintain neatness of a kitchen is the spice jar. The following should be considered when getting a storage spice jar.

Glass Material

Spice jars

Spice jars with glass offer a great storage advantage because they do not allow your spices to come in contact with air. Air which is one of the most damaging factor for spices. Glass storage jars are not porous and mostly come with tight lids.

They do not offer protection from light but their transparency allows you to see and identify the contents in them which saves you from the stressing work of labelling.

Glass containers are able to store spices and keep them fresh for up to two years especially when kept away from light.


They should come in small sizes. This allows you to conserve space and still store a lot of varieties of spices in the kitchen.


Although most spice jars are less expensive, some are still too costly. Remember you are not buying a parcel to give to the Queen of England, it is just a storage jar and should not cost so much. You could even reuse glass bottles from bottled products that was used before.

These considerable factors allows you to store your spices in the kitchen for a longer period of time and as well make your kitchen one which is lovely in arrangement.