Features, Advantages, and Application of Hexagon Glass Jars

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The hexagon glass jars are 6-sided polygon glass jars with a lug thread neck finish. It's an ideal jar for jellies, jams, candy, and marmalade. The Hexagon Jars make a great housing container for other products such as bath salts and even potpourri.

Hexagonal glass jars are six-sided jars designed to impart a fresh and modern appearance. Hexagonal glass jars are mostly used to store foods such as jams, jellies, and pickles. One of the highly preferred features of glass jars is the ability to seal with relative ease.

Read on to learn more about this highly versatile storage glass container.

hexagon glass jar

Features of Hexagon Glass Jar

Most of the glass preserve jars that you see in supermarkets are a standard round shape and, for the consumer, most of them all merge into one, with only the label enabling them to differentiate one jam from another.

That’s where hexagonal-shaped glass jars can give your product the advantage. Their distinctive, decorative design gives a look of quality that’s sure to command the attention of consumers.  

Although hexagonal glass preserve jars are commonly used, for jam, marmalade, honey, chutney, and pickles, they are also useful for seasonings and snacks, such as herbs and spices, marinades, sauces, nuts, olives, and confectionery.

The distinctive design of a hexagon glass jar means that they are also suitable for candles, bath salts and wedding favors too. Here are a few of the special features of our hexagon glass jars:

i. This glass jar is leak-proof.

ii.  It possesses dimensional stability.

iii.  It is a highly reliable cosmetic product for storing skincare products.

iv. It offers safe and prolonged usage.

v.  It is recyclable and refillable.

vi. It is a beautiful hexagonal-shaped container for cosmetics.

Advantages of Hexagon Glass Jar

Apart from food products, hexagonal glass jars are also used for health and beauty products, which include beads and bath salts. The main purpose for the use of hexagonal glass jars is the same as that of any other glass jar, to enable excellent product presentation.

i. This bottle is made from high-quality glass material. It is molded into a hexagonal shape.

ii. This bottle is eco-friendly and reduces the use of plastic cosmetic products.

iii.  You can get this glass bottle with your desired features in the market. You can engrave your company logo on its bamboo top for identification.

iv.  It offers easy cleaning. You can clean it with warm or soapy water and then rinse it with clean water.

v.  In addition, glass as a material is more inert and does not react with the products inside.

Applications of the hexagon glass jar

This jar is most widely used in the cosmetic industry for storing the following products:

i.  Face Creams

ii. Lotions

iii. Concealer

iv. Facial cleanser

v. Sunscreen lotion

vi. Body creams

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The advantage of our hexagonal jar range is that they start at 45ml capacity, which is a handy size for breakfast tables, restaurants, and promotional samples.

This also allows for consistency by providing the opportunity to use the hexagonal design throughout a whole product range.

Hexagonal glass jars are perfect for food hampers, foodie gift sets, spice collections, or, limited-edition preserves. Kindy click here to order yours.