Drinking water in four cups is dangerous.

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In the present life, people pay more and more attention to health. Chinese tea is famous and many foreigners like drinking tea. But many people don't know much about the choice of tea cups. Through this article, we will introduce 4 cups that are not recommended and the recommended glass cups.

1. Disposable paper cups may hide potential carcinogens.

Disposable paper cups only look hygienic and convenient. In fact, the product qualification rate cannot be judged, whether it is clean and hygienic, and can not be identified with the naked eye. From an environmental point of view, you should use disposable paper cups as little as possible. Some paper cups are made to make the cups look whiter and add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. It is this fluorescent substance that causes the cells to mutate and become a potential carcinogen once they enter the human body.

Secondly, those unqualified paper cups are generally soft and easy to deform when poured into water. Some paper cups are poorly sealed and easy to seepage at the bottom of the cup, which makes it easy to burn the hands with hot water. What's more, when you touch the inside of a paper cup with your hand, you can feel the fine powder on it, and the touch of your fingers will turn white. This is a typical bad paper cup.

2. The plastic water cup is the most vulnerable.

Plastic cups should also be unwelcome. Because often add plastic plasticizer, which contain some poisonous chemicals, plastic cup of hot water or hot water, poisonous chemicals that can easily be diluted to the water, and plastic internal microscopic structure there are a lot of pore, which hides dirt, cleaning not net will be easy to breed bacteria. So, when choosing plastic cup, must choose the water cup that accords with national standard edible grade plastic.

3. The multicolored water glass is prone to heavy metal poisoning.

Colorful cups are attractive, but don't use them. Because in hiding huge hidden trouble in the bright paint, especially wall painted with glaze, high when the cup is filled into the boiling water, acid or alkaline beverage, and toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in the paint is easy to dissolve in the liquid, people drink into the chemical liquid, will cause a harm to human body.

4. The metal water cup will be dissolved by drinking coffee.

Metal cups, such as stainless steel, are more expensive than ceramic ones. The metal elements contained in the enamel cup are usually relatively stable, but in an acidic environment, it is possible to dissolve them, which is not safe for drinking coffee, orange juice and other acidic beverages.

Stainless steel cups are not used to make tea.

Stainless steel water glass containing chromium, which is a heavy metal, corrosion of stainless steel water bottle for protective film was damaged, chrome will be released, if continue to use will cause harm to human body. According to expert introduction, chromium is a kind of blue and white polyvalent metallic element, common have divalent chromium, trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium. Hard and brittle, corrosion resistant, so used in stainless steel products.

If the human body is consuming a large amount of trivalent chromium over a long period of time, it will affect the body's antioxidant system, which can easily lead to some chronic oxidative diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. In addition, due to the damage of the antioxidant system, it is easy to develop abnormal hyperplasia such as tumors. Compared with trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium is more toxic, about 100 times as much as trivalent chromium. In clinical, hexavalent chromium and its compound to human body's harm, usually manifested in three aspects. One is to damage the skin, leading to dermatitis, pharyngitis and so on; The second is to damage the respiratory system, causing pneumonia, tracheitis and other diseases; The third is the damage to the digestive system, the accidental ingestion and even prolonged exposure to chromate, which can easily cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and intestinal ulcer. Excessive consumption of hexavalent chromium can lead to kidney failure and even cancer.

The tea with the glass is the healthiest.

In all material in the glass, the glass bottle is the most healthy. "Glass has no organic chemicals in the fire. The glass is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to grow in the glass, so drinking tea with a glass is the healthiest." Said zhang Hua, tea is the best choice with cover glass, porcelain cup, if you choose the best is no colored glaze paint ceramic cup, especially the lining to colorless.