Details to Pay Attention to When Purchasing Spice Bottles

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Under the high temperature environment of the stove, there is a possibility that the seasoning bottle releases harmful substances. Relatively speaking, glass spice bottles do not have this problem. This is the biggest advantage of glass spice bottles. Second, although the cost of plastic seasoning bottles is low, in recent years, the trend of high-end products of condiments has become more and more obvious and the tendency of glass bottle packaging for seasoning bottles is still high. For a long time, the seasoning bottle packaging has been mainly glassed, and people have formed consumption habits. This is also a great advantage of glass spice bottles. Here are the details to pay attention to when purchasing spice bottles.

Salt and pepper seasoning         

The salt and pepper are dry and the moisture resistance cannot be ignored. Store in a cool, ventilated place. If the restaurant has high humidity or temperature, it is recommended to use ceramic materials, which are not easy to stain and easier to clean.

Sweet seasoning         

The storage tanks for sweet seasonings should have good quality that can be easily cleaned and can be insulated. If you often make a variety of jams at home, jams without any chemical additives are completely dependent on the pectin released by the fruit itself to form. If you choose a suitable storage tank, you can extend the storage life of sweeteners. Because cream, jam, honey, etc. have a certain consistency, it is best to use glass, stainless steel or ceramic materials that are easy to clean. Sweet seasonings always need to be kept fresh. Bottles and jars need to pay more attention to their sealing performance. If you choose a style with a pouring hole and no cover, it can only be installed for a day or two.

When bottling fresh sweeteners, don't forget to label them, name them and date them. Be sure to fill the jam jar so that there is no space behind the lid. Then cover tightly into the refrigerator to refrigerate.


Spicy spices         

Whether it's spicy peppers, peppers, ginger, garlic, or fragrant lemongrass, laurel, cinnamon, cloves, or anise, the flavor will gradually evaporate if you don't put it in a vacuum tank. It is also not easy to control the pouring amount in the placed cabinet or the entire kitchen, using a small spoon to pick spices during the cooking process. Flavor bottles usually with grinding devices will easily solve these problems.

Usually, the spice glass jars can clearly see the seasonings in the jars and they are handy when taking them. Stainless steel and ceramic seasoning jars can usually cope with cold or warm; the style of the spiral mouth on the bottleneck can fit tighter with the bottle cap, and the sealing is better. Covering the seasoning hole, in addition to keeping the aroma of the seasoning difficult to lose, it can also prevent moisture and leakage. Because the grinder is always turned on and off, this continuous use and wear requires the selection of products with more guaranteed quality.

Some people like to use plastic containers for dressings. If polypropylene material (plastic box for microwave oven) is used, this material is better resistant to acid and alkali. Otherwise, the problem of chemical precipitation may occur. Qualified polypropylene containers have a triangle pattern with a 5 at the bottom. Even so, plastic seasoning bottles cannot be used for a long time. The container for seasoning is best made of glass. Glass jars do not chemically interact with the seasoning. The material structure is stable, and it is not easy to precipitate harmful volatile substances, which is relatively healthy.