Desirable Properties That Makes Mason Jars Suitable for Canned Food

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Mere looking at a glass jar could make you think it is just a jar. Thanks to manufacturers who have adopted the name Mason Jars in honor of the man who invented the jar – John Landis Mason to distinguish this canning jar from other glass jars.

Features of Mason Jars

Mason jars are any canning vessels segmented into three places: a flat metal lid, a screw on the metal that presses the jar to the lid, as well as a glass jar with a hollowed lip.

So, it is a broad term used for glass jars with metal tighten lids used in the preservation of ready-made foods such as chutney, salsa, as well as jam.

Desirable Properties of Mason Jars for Canned Food

There are many reasons why you should adopt using Mason jars for your canned food. But let’s discuss a few of them.

1. Readily available

Anywhere you turn, you can easily find Mason Jars at kitchenware stores, online, supermarkets or malls.

2. Not expensive

Believe me, Mason jars are not expensive. You may buy a set of two pint-sized for less than ten dollars

3. Very safe

If you have ever been exposed to food poisoning you will be cautious of how you store or preserve your food.

Glassware is safer to store food than plasticware. This is because glassware will not leach out dangerous chemical when heated and it is made of an inert material whereas plastic do leach out chemicals and it is a polymer.

4.  Easy to wash

Mason jars are very easy to clean. They do not retain odors or flavors and do not stain. They are safe with dishwashers.

5. Portable

Mason jars are easy to pack into either your backpack or your purse. And you could wrap it with a towel if you are concerned about it breaking away.

6. Environmental friendliness

At a time like this, where conscious efforts are being given to our environment’s preservation Mason jar perfectly fits in because you can use it for ages without degenerating in quality.

Even when it breaks, you can recycle the glass jar countless number of time while still retaining its quality.

7. Fit for all-purpose

Mason jar is produced to work with varying temperatures. The glass could be frozen, microwaved, as well as refrigerated. However, it could crack when you subject it to unexpected temperature changes.

8. Socially adopted

When you walk into a supermarket or mall to pick up a bottle of mayonnaise you would discover other canned products that use Mason jars.

Mason jars have now been adopted socially as the best canning jars! Thanks to its versatility and nostalgic design.  

9. Excellent for storage 

Mason jars are the best for storing food in the refrigerator since they are watertight and airtight. Mason jars will hold your food intact and you could easily see through it because of their transparency.

10. Very versatile

You can use Mason jars as a container for all kinds of food, drinking glasses, toothbrush holders, pencil holders, mini planters, etc.

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